Transfer Credit

Newly Admitted Undergraduate Students

Students earn credit for college-level courses taken through college parallel programs at regionally accredited junior or community colleges and for courses taken at regionally accredited four-year colleges and universities. Remedial courses or coursework in occupational/technical curricula normally do not transfer.

Transcripts are evaluated by the University Registrar in consultation with academic department chairs as appropriate prior to enrollment at Elon. Credit is awarded on a course-by-course basis after the student has been accepted for admission. Elon accepts transfer undergraduate courses which represent collegiate coursework relevant to the degree, with course content equivalent to that offered in Elon’s undergraduate program. Credit is awarded only in areas offered within Elon's current curriculum and appropriately related to each student’s educational program. The amount of credit awarded is documented on the student’s permanent record. Elon University informs all transfer students before their enrollment about the amount of credit awarded.

The first-year student course, COR 110 Global Studies, is waived for students transferring 18 hours or more. This applies to transfer students only, not first-year students entering college for the first time. Advanced Placement credits will not count toward the 18 semester hours.

Students transferring courses worth fewer than four credit hours must still meet the total semester hour requirements in the affected program area. To earn a bachelor’s degree from Elon University students must earn a minimum of 132 total semester hours.

A grade of “C-” or higher must be posted on the official transcript for each course in order for the credits in that course to transfer. Courses posted in an un-graded format, including but not limited to pass/fail, audit, or credit/no-credit, will not transfer. Grades do not transfer, only the credit hours will be posted to the Elon University transcript with no change to the Elon grade point average.

No more than 65 semester hours of credit will be allowed from two-year institutions. Credit will not be given for courses taken while a student is under academic suspension.

Students must earn a minimum of 60 semester hours at Elon.

Unusual situations are referred to the appropriate department chairs for clarification.

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