First-Year Admission Requirements


Admission to Elon is competitive. Elon seeks students from a variety of backgrounds with strong academic preparation who can contribute to and benefit from the university’s many scholastic and extracurricular programs.


The most important factors in the admissions decision are the academic record including courses taken and grades attained. Other factors that are considered include leadership potential, extracurricular and service-related activities, special talents and the ability to contribute positively to the campus community and an interview. Other than the Secondary School Report, recommendations are not required but will be included in the application file if submitted.

A student’s high school/secondary school academic record is a primary factor in every admissions decision. In general, students should have taken a rigorous selection of college preparatory or higher-level courses throughout their four years of high school. The most promising candidates for admission will have demonstrated solid achievement in five or more academic subjects each year. Minimum preparation must include:



1. English 4 units (required)
2. Math 3 units required, 4 recommended (Algebra I & II and Geometry are required)
3. Science 3 or more units, including at least one lab science
4. Social Studies 3 or more units (students completing high school in the U.S. must have U.S. History)
5. Foreign Language 2 units required, 3 recommended


(Students who have not completed at least two units in one foreign language must complete a 121 world language and culture course at Elon in addition to meeting the foreign language requirement for graduation.) Three units of English must be completed for admission consideration.

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