Costs and Refunds

Reasonable cost and strong financial resources are two major benefits of the Master of Arts in Higher Education program. The program provides funding for students’ study abroad experiences (MHE students are responsible for purchasing personal items such as necessary travel documents, luggage fees, gifts, etc.) and a grant to attend a regional or national professional conference in the student's second year. The apprenticeship host department also provides students with membership in a professional association and travel grants to attend state or regional conferences in their first year. In addition, there are no student fees for student activities, parking, technology, recreational facility, and cultural/athletic events, etc.

The Elon Master of Arts in Higher Education’s tuition cost for the fall 2019 cohort is $14,904 per year, with a significant amount of funding for scholarships awarded to qualified applicants. Tuition will not increase for the student’s second year.  Tuition for the 2020 cohort will be available in January or early February of 2020. More information on MHE Scholarships can be found on the MHE Admissions Website.

Every MHE student who meets all requirements for final admittance to the program is hired as a paid graduate apprentice in a campus program or department. The apprenticeship is for the two-year duration of the program, (not including summers) with reappointment for the second year contingent upon satisfactory completion of academic and apprenticeship requirements. Apprenticeship stipends are paid on a prorated monthly basis and can be used in whatever manner the student chooses (e.g., living expenses, textbooks, etc.). Given their role as apprentices, MHE students are also classified as Elon employees and receive some employee benefits (such as reduced meal plan costs, discounts, etc.) in addition to their student benefits. For more information on the Graduate Apprentice role and funding, please see the MHE Apprenticeship website.
Students may also apply for federal financial aid, if eligible. Please see the Graduate Admissions section of the Graduate Catalog for more information on Financial Assistance for Graduate Students. Additional financial planning information is available on the MHE Admissions website.
Grades, diplomas and transcripts will be withheld until a student’s financial obligations to the university are settled. A student cannot register for further coursework until financial obligations to the university are paid.


Tuition and fees are refunded on a pro rata basis during the first eight weeks of the fall and spring terms. There will be no refund to students who withdraw during winter or summer terms. Any part of a week will be considered as a full week for all pro rata charges.
1st week pro rata charge 5%
2nd week pro rata charge 10%
3rd week pro rata charge 40%
4th week pro rata charge 60%
5th week through 8th week pro rata charge 75%
9th week — no refund

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