Academic Standing

Academic Standing

Academic standing is determined by the earned GPA for any one semester of attendance and for cumulative work. A student whose cumulative GPA falls below 2.0 is reviewed by the Academic Standing Committee and placed on academic probation or academic suspension.


Students who are put on probation are notified that their GPA is below 2.0, that they are limited to a maximum load of 14 semester hours and that three consecutive semesters on probation will result in suspension.


Students who are suspended are separated from Elon, and one academic semester must elapse before they are eligible for readmission. While suspended, students may not take classes at other institutions and transfer them to Elon.

In order to continue at the university, a student must earn a minimum GPA each semester of 1.0. In addition, at the end of spring semester the student must have:

  • Freshman: 1-29 semester hours completed, 1.70 GPA
  • Sophomore: 30-61 semester hours completed, 1.80 GPA
  • Junior: 62-95 semester hours completed, 1.90 GPA
  • Senior: 96 semester hours completed, 2.0 GPA

A student who is suspended and is readmitted in a subsequent term must have a minimum GPA each term or semester of 2.3 (C+) until the student’s cumulative GPA is 2.0 or higher. Failure to do so will result in a second and final suspension.

Any student failing to meet these guidelines will be academically ineligible for the next semester and suspended from the university. During the suspension period, which includes fall or spring semester, the student may apply for readmission and, if readmitted, will be placed on academic probation until the cumulative GPA reaches 2.0. A student who is suspended a second time for academic reasons is normally not readmitted to the university.


The university reserves the right to suspend or dismiss any student(s) when it believes that such action is in the best interest of the institution and/or the student(s). This action will take place only after careful consideration with the student(s) in question and all other parties with information pertinent to the matter at hand.

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