The Meal Plan

All resident students are required to purchase a meal plan. Students living off-campus are also welcome to purchase a meal plan, use the Phoenix Card (a debit card for use in dining halls, the Campus Shop and select off-campus locations) or purchase individual meals in any of the campus dining locations. The meal portion of the student’s meal plan will roll over from semester to semester. This means that meals will roll over from fall to winter and winter to spring within the academic year.

For the spring semester, any unused meals from fall and winter semester will roll over to the spring semester after a two-week period as long as the student purchases the same meal plan or a plan of a greater value. Example: The meals a student receives during the first two weeks of spring semester will not include the rollover meals from the previous semester. After two weeks, the rollover meals will be added to the student’s Phoenix Card and will be available to use. If the student reduces their meal plan, no roll over meals will apply.

Please remember that students have two weeks from the beginning of each semester to change their meal plan from one choice to another. Students may however add a new meal plan, if they did not have one before, at any time during the semester. After the deadline, a student is obligated to that meal plan for the academic semester unless leaving the university as the result of a withdrawal.

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