Financial Aid

Elon University is committed to assisting eligible students in securing the necessary funds for a college education. To the extent possible, eligible students receive aid through careful planning and various forms of financial assistance.

In order to receive any type of university, state or federal aid, students must demonstrate satisfactory academic progress toward the completion of degree requirements. No financial aid is offered until an applicant has been accepted for admission to Elon University; however, prospective first-year students should not wait to be accepted before applying for aid.

Financial aid programs vary by source, eligibility criteria and application procedures. Students will be offered a financial aid “package,” which is an award consisting of one or more of the following types of aid: scholarships, grants, low-interest loans and campus employment. Scholarships and grants are “gift assistance,” which do not have to be repaid, while loans and work are referred to as “self-help.” Financial aid packages may consist of all self-help or a combination of self-help and gift assistance. Applying early for financial aid improves chances of receiving the maximum aid for which the student is eligible within the parameters of the financial aid budget.

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