World Languages and Cultures

Chairs: Associate Professor Essary (fall), Adamson (spring)

Associate Professors: Adamson, Choplin, de Lama, Essary, Garcia Soormally, Glasco, Meinking, Namaste, Pardini, Schoonmaker-Gates, Van Bodegraven, Windham

Assistant Professors: Celis-Castillo, Pous

Senior Lecturers: Kupatadze, Post

Lecturers: Burns, Elgamal, Gao, Mendoza

At Elon, we want to do everything possible to prepare students for successful lives in a diverse 21st century world. They will encounter differences in language, cultural perspectives, race, nationality, religious traditions, and political and economic structures like no other generation before them. Our students’ first employment may very well be outside of the United States as they will certainly compete for careers on an international level. Thus, the study of world languages and cultures is more essential than ever.

The Department of World Languages and Cultures offers courses in Arabic, Chinese, French, German, ancient Greek, Hebrew, Italian, Latin, and Spanish. We have Bachelor of Arts degrees and minors in French and Spanish, and our courses contribute to interdisciplinary minors in Asian Studies, Classical Studies, German Studies, Italian Studies, Jewish Studies, Latin American Studies, and Middle East Studies. Course offerings include linguistic, cultural, and literary study, and they expand opportunities for rewarding study abroad, internship and community-based learning experiences.

Students with majors and minors in World Languages and Cultures often pair their studies with interdisciplinary coursework and degrees from a variety of programs at Elon such as Education, Business, Communications, Health and Human Services, Art History, International Studies, Music, and Political Science. In addition, students majoring in Spanish may choose a program leading to teacher licensure through the School of Education.

Today, we understand more fully the interconnections of our world and the importance of intercultural competence. By building on Elon’s strong community, we commit to engage minds and inspire leaders for the global good.

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