Chair, Department of Mathematics and Statistics:  Professor Arangala

Statistics Program Coordinator: Lecturer Metts

Professors: J. Clark, T.Lee

Associate Professors: Allis, Awtrey, Beuerle, Delpish, Doehler, A. Russell, L. Taylor, Yokley

Assistant Professors: Mazur, Trocki

Senior Lecturers: Mays, Rosenberg

Lecturer: VanKrevelen

The Statistics program is designed to provide strong interdisciplinary knowledge of the application and theory of statistics to students. Indeed, every discipline which gathers and interprets data uses statistical concepts and procedures to understand the information implicit in their data base. The program is designed to emphasize statistics both as a science unto itself, and as a powerful service field offering applications-based tools for disciplines such as mathematics, biology, environmental science, psychology and other social sciences.

Students will be exposed to concepts and tools for working with data and will gain hands-on experience and critical thinking skills by designing, collecting and analyzing real data that go beyond the content of a first course in statistics. Invariably, these experiences involve solving problems in a group environment thereby increasing the students’ interpersonal skills as well. These additional skills will significantly enhance the students’ ability to do independent research and will boost their marketability in an increasingly competitive business environment.

Recognizing the interdisciplinary nature of statistics, the program allows students to concentrate in areas that highlight the use of statistics in other fields while pursuing a Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Arts or minor in statistics. The B.S. is designed to support students who are interested in the major as a stand-alone degree or who intend to pursue research or graduate studies in related fields such as epidemiology/public health, while the A.B. is designed to facilitate students interested in double-majoring or going directly into industry in a supporting role upon graduation. The statistics minor is designed for students who are majors in other disciplines and will provide a focus and cohesion of general statistical ideas.

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