Chair: Associate Professor Kamela

Professors: Crider, P. Das

Associate Professors: Altmann, Evans, Hargrove-Leak, Wolter

Assistant Professors: Blackmon, Richardson

Lecturer: Moreau

Science Lab Manager: Gilliam

Students at Elon University learn physics by doing physics. Our department, along with the engineering program, offers four distinct physics degrees: a Bachelor of Science in Physics for students interested in becoming professional physicists in industrial, government, university, or not-for-profit sectors, a Bachelor of Science in Engineering Physics for students interested in becoming engineers, a Bachelor of Arts in Science Education Comprehensive Physics for students interested in K-12 education careers, and a Bachelor of Arts in Physics for those who wish to explore the intersection between physics and our society. Our department also offers minors in both Astronomy and Physics for students with a casual interest in these fields.

All first-year physics majors are encouraged to begin working with a professor to develop their research skills. First-year students also learn the basics of mechanics and electricity in an integrated lecture/lab classroom. During their second year, majors apply these new skills to problems in astrophysics, and special relativity. Junior physics majors cultivate a more scholarly approach to research, working in teams in our Research Methods course. Building on this base, we offer courses in the advanced theory of electromagnetic phenomena, the mysterious world of quantum mechanics and a wide range of other topical courses, including classical mechanics, mathematical physics, circuit design, thermodynamics, biophysics, etc. Before graduating, students conduct a research project with a faculty mentor and/or participate in an internship to support their transition to a professional career beyond Elon.

The Bachelor of Science degree in Physics is appropriate for students interested in graduate school in physics or other technical fields, or in pursuing technical careers. The A.B. in Physics is suitable for students with the interest to bridge physics with other fields, and who wish to develop strong critical thinking skills and a solid understanding of the most foundational science. The engineering physics major is designed to function with Elon’s 3-2 engineering program. Students can also pursue Biophysics as an independent major. If you are fascinated by the mysteries of the universe and excited by observation, problem solving and creative thought, then the Department of Physics is the place for you.

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