Chair: Associate Professor, S. Bloch-Schulman

Professors: A. Cahill, Y. Lubling

Associate Professor: N. Batchelor

Assistant Professor: R. Johnson

Lecturer: M. Fowler

Philosophy lies at the heart of a liberal arts education. Philosophy at Elon has both a wisdom orientation for exploring enduring human concerns and a practical intent to enhance our lives together and our care for the earth.

Philosophical study at Elon focuses on three sets of skills: (1) critical and constructive thinking: aiding students in identifying, analyzing and offering solutions to problems; (2) ethical practice: exploring ways to act wisely and effectively in our life with others; and (3) interpretive understanding: allowing students to bridge the meaning and value systems of diverse individuals, cultures and epochs.

Such skills are valuable for law and leadership, ministry and the helping professions, citizenship and service, and for deepening the quality of our lives. At 40 semester hours, the philosophy major is designed to allow room for a double major or a career-related minor.

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