Mathematics Minor

A minor in Mathematics requires the following courses: 8 sh


4 sh


4 sh

Two MTH electives numbered 200 or higher: 8 sh

One MTH or CSC elective numbered 300 or higher: 4 sh


  • At most one CSC course may count toward the minor
  • A student cannot count both MTH 241 & MTH 330
  • No more than 4 hours of MTH 499 may count toward the minor

Total Credit Hours: 20

All graduating mathematics majors are required to complete a senior portfolio of their work. This portfolio will include a compilation of their work across their four years of mathematical study at Elon; therefore, students should be mindful of this requirement as they complete work for all their courses and be sure to retain electronic copies of work that they may want to include in their portfolio in their senior year.

A student may be exempt from STS 110 and/or MTH 151 by demonstrating proficiency.

Once a student has received credit, including transfer credit for a course, credit may not be received for any course with material that is equivalent to it or is a prerequisite for it without permission of the mathematics department.

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