Chair, Department of Mathematics and Statistics:  Professor Arangala

Professors: J. Clark, T. Lee

Associate Professors: Allis, Awtry, J. Beuerle, Delpish, Doehler, Russell, L. Taylor , Yokley

Assistant Professors: Mazur, Trocki

Senior Lecturers: Mays, Rosenberg

Lecturers: Li, Metts, VanKrevelen

The Department of Mathematics and Statistics offers programs leading to the Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree with a major in Applied Mathematics, Mathematics or Statistics. The B.S. or A.B. degree in Mathematics also offers a concentration in Teacher Licensure. The A.B. in  Applied Mathematics is specifically intended to be a second major for students majoring in an area that uses mathematics. Minors in Mathematics and Statistics are also available for students majoring in another discipline. (Students may not double major or major and minor in Mathematics and Applied Mathematics.)

Mathematics is an excellent major for the student whose immediate objective is to acquire a good liberal arts education. Students who complete a bachelor’s degree in mathematics may choose several postgraduate alternatives, including work in a variety of industries, an advanced degree in either mathematics or another closely related field (computer science, biometry, information science, statistics or operations research) or law school.

Students who combine mathematics with another discipline that uses mathematics can also pursue graduate work in the second discipline. These areas include biology, chemistry, economics, medicine, physics and many of the social science disciplines. In addition, mathematics majors may teach at the secondary level or work in business, industry or government positions which emphasize analytical reasoning.

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