Human Service Studies

Chair: Associate Professor D. Warner

Associate Professors:  Esposito, B. Warner

Assistant Professors: Drew-Branch, Monico, Horsford

Lecturers: Miller, Reid

The Human Service Studies Department of Elon University provides innovative pathways to prepare students to address social issues in local, national, and global communities as both professionals and citizens. The program enables students to understand and intervene in human problems using a systems perspective and prepares them for work with diverse communities and populations. The theoretical foundation of Human Service Studies is interdisciplinary, based primarily on the epistemology of the social sciences and emphasizing the critical role of evidence-based practice in achieving effective outcomes. The Human Service Studies Department strives to develop within students a strong commitment to social justice, human dignity, and self-determination. Through the application of knowledge and skills gained in the major, students will be able to implement change with individuals, families, groups, communities and institutions using a strengths-based approach.

Experiential learning is emphasized to develop students’ ability to synthesize knowledge and experience and to formulate plans of action informed by this synthesis. Students engage in extensive fieldwork in both local and international human services agencies, as a part of their studies. Experiential learning includes developing skills in problem solving, oral and written communication, research and evidence-based program design, grant writing, organizational and administrative leadership, social action and advocacy, and fundamental skills of working with others.

The Human Service Studies Department promotes in each student on-going personal growth through the development of self-awareness, helping students clarify personal career goals and providing them the opportunity to explore and develop their unique abilities, goals, and aspirations.

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