Bachelor’s Degree Requirements

Elon University offers an academic program consisting of a minimum of 132 semester hours of credit for the bachelor’s degree. The degree consists of a major field of concentration, the Elon Core Curriculum and elective courses. To earn a baccalaureate degree the student completes the following academic program:

  1. Satisfactory work in one major subject
  2. Completion of the Elon Core Curriculum as follows:
    1. First-Year Foundations
      1. Core Curriculum 110/The Global Experience4
      2. Core Curriculum/English 1104
      3. Core Curriculum/Mathematics (STS 110, STS 212, MTH 151 or higher)4
    2. (Excludes MTH 208MTH 209)
    3. Experiential Learning (two units) (See Elon ELR Core Requirement)
    4. World Language (See World Language Core Requirement)0-8
    5. Studies in the Arts and Sciences
      1. Transfer students with at least 18 semester hours of transfer credit must complete 32 hours total in Studies in the Arts and Sciences, but may have as few as 7 hours in one or more of the four Studies in the Arts and Sciences areas.

      2. Expression8
      3. Eight hours chosen from at least two of the following: art, dance, literature, music, music theatre, philosophy, and theatre. At least one course must be literature.

      4. Civilization8
      5. Eight hours chosen from at least two of the following: art history, history, world languages and religious studies.

      6. Society8
      7. Eight hours chosen from at least two of the following: economics, geography, human service studies, political science, psychology and sociology/anthropology.

      8. Science/Analysis8
      9. Eight hours chosen from one or more of the following: mathematics/statistics, computer science, information science and science. At least one course must be a physical or biological laboratory science.

    6. Advanced Studies
      1. Advanced Courses in Arts and Sciences8
      2. Eight hours of 300-400-level courses outside the major field chosen from departments and areas in Expression, Civilization, Society and Science/Analysis in the Arts and Sciences

      3. Core Curriculum Interdisciplinary Capstone Seminar4

    Total hours: 56-60

  3. Completion of elective courses to meet 132 credit hours
  4. Satisfactory completion of a comprehensive evaluation in the major field of study
  5. A minimum of 36 semester hours of junior/senior level work
  6. Sixty or more semester hours of study at Elon, including the last term before graduation
  7. Twice as many quality points as credit hours attempted must be earned
  8. Students are encouraged to participate in Commencement exercises*

Students must demonstrate competence in English and mathematics or successfully complete ENG 100 in concurrence with ENG 110 and MTH 100 before beginning the mathematics requirement in the First-Year Foundations.

Students who have not had two years of one world language in secondary school must make up this deficiency by taking a first-level 121 world language course. Courses taken to remove this deficiency will not satisfy the Elon Core Curriculum requirements.

A maximum of 16 semester hours of internship/cooperative education credit may be applied to the 132 semester hours required for the A.B., B.S., B.S.B.A. and B.F.A. degrees.

Students must apply for graduation by the dates published by the Registrar. Degrees are conferred in December, January, May and August.

A student may graduate under the provisions of the catalog published the year of first enrollment, provided the course of study is completed within five years. After the interval of five years, a student’s credits will be subject to review by the Provost/Vice President for Academic Affairs.

Students who qualify for more than one major must select the primary major for which they will receive a bachelor's degree. 

It is the student's responsibility to be familiar with the preceding requirements for graduation.

*Students who meet all other responsibilities but are 1-4 credit hours short in any one area may participate in Commencement exercises; degree will be awarded upon completion of all requirements.

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