Reporting Options for Survivors of Interpersonal Violence

If a sexual offense or other act of Interpersonal Violence occurs involving an Elon University student, on or off-campus, there are multiple reporting options for the the survivor to pursue. The University has an obligation to investigate all allegations of sexual misconduct to pursue and maintain a close and safe community where all members are respected and appreciated. Survivors may choose to report the incident to the police or University through the Title IX Officer, a Campus Safety Authority (Clery) or Responsible Employee (Title IX) or the Office of Student Conduct.  Note: Those faculty, staff and students who qualify as Campus Safety Authorities under the Clery Act or Responsible Employees under Title IX must report the incident to the police. 

The University attempts to balance the needs of the parties for privacy with the institutional responsibility of ensuring a safe educational environment and workplace. Confidentiality is an aspiration, but is not always possible or appropriate. An individual’s requests regarding the confidentiality of reports of discrimination or harassment will be considered in determining an appropriate response; however, such requests will be considered in the dual contexts of the University’s legal obligation to ensure a working and learning environment that is free from discrimination or harassment and the rights of the accused to be informed of the allegations and their source. Some level of disclosure may be necessary to ensure a complete and fair investigation.

More detailed  information about privacy and confidentiality of reports is available in the Title IX Policy and Procedures section  of the Student Handbook. 

Law Enforcement Reporting Options

Survivors may file legal charges with Elon University Campus Safety and Police or the Town of Elon Police Department depending on the jurisdiction in which the crime was committed. Survivors may file legal charges only, legal and Student Conduct charges, or Student Conduct charges only.

For more information on how to report a sexual misconduct violation to law enforcement, visit:

University Student Conduct Process

Survivors of interpersonal violence (including sexual violence) may file a report with the office of Student Conduct (336-278-7271). The Office of student conduct staff will investigate and initiate any applicable charges.

For more information on the Student Conduct Administrative Hearing process, please refer to Process for Social Code of Conduct Policies section.

Title IX Report

Elon University has a legal obligation to ensure a working and learning environment that is free from discrimination or harassment.  Elon University has procedures to receive, investigate, respond to and resolve complaints of discrimination, including harassment based on sex.  Title IX violations include discrimination on the basis of sex or gender and include sexual harassment, sexual exploitation, nonconsensual sexual acts, and sexual misconduct.  In this policy, “discrimination,” refers generically and inclusively to all forms of discrimination based on sex or gender, including sexual harassment, sexual exploitation, nonconsensual sexual acts, sexual misconduct and sexual violence.

More detailed information about Title IX reporting may be found in the Title IX Policy and Procedures section  of the Student Handbook.

Clery Report

To encourage reporting and the collection of campus crime statistics to promote crime awareness and to enhance campus safety through reliable statistical records, the federal government requires college campuses to comply with the Clery Act. The purpose of the Clery Report Form is to provide a uniform procedure for documenting the (What, When, Where) of certain alleged reportable crimes and/or non-criminal hate/bias motivated incidents that have occurred within one of the four reporting locations and which have been reported to a Campus Security Authorities (CSA). Data collected on this form is to be used to increase public safety, NOT to identify the victim; therefore, no personal identifying information shall be included on this form. For Clery purposes, the student status of the offender or the victim is NOT a relevant fact as to whether or not this report form is to be completed.

For additional information on how to file a Clery report, visit:

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