Cease Contact Orders

A campus “Cease Contact Order” can prevent a student or groups of students from having any type of communication with another student. The Cease Contact Order is a campus order and is only enforceable on campus and between registered students. Students seeking a Cease Contact order should contact the Director of Student Conduct (336-278-7271) or the Coordinator for Violence Response (336-278-5009).

For more information on Cease Contact Orders, please refer to Sections 7: Conduct Sanctions.

Legal protective orders information

Legal protective orders may be obtained in the Alamance County court system with the assistance of Family Abuse Services of Alamance County (336-226-5985). Legal protective orders, commonly referred to as 50-B or 50-C, are legal no-contact orders administered by the court system. The Coordinator for Violence Response can assist and accompany students through the process of obtaining a legal protective order.

For additional information on legal protective orders, please visit: http://www.familyabuseservices.org/

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