Letter from Dr. Smith Jackson, Vice President for Student Life and Dean of Students

Elon students are among the best of any student body in the nation. They are very bright, talented, fun loving and good-hearted. It seems you cannot go anywhere in the world without running into an Elon student or graduate who is engaged in meaningful and interesting activities, from supporting comprehensive rural health programs in India, to conducting research on Costa Rica’s development and the effects on food security, to interning in New York City. On the Elon campus, students are working alongside faculty and staff to provide high quality cultural, athletic, and performing arts experiences. They are involved in significant leadership positions and participate in the shared governance of the campus to further improve the Elon experience for their peers and future generations. They are socially and environmentally conscious, and welcome learning from the diversity of viewpoints and experiences in the student body, faculty and staff.

We are a campus that understands that learning occurs best when students are involved and invested in the learning process. We value learning in and outside the classroom, on and off the campus. Therefore, Student Life staff work in partnership with faculty and other staff of the university to provide a seamless learning experience that fulfills our founders’ vision of “an academic community that transforms mind, body and spirit.” (Elon Mission Statement). Our goal is for students to have a deep commitment to personal integrity and social responsibility and to develop the skills to live rewarding, creative and purposeful lives.

Smith Jackson

Vice President for Student Life and Dean of Students

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