Letter from Dr. Leo Lambert, President

Thank you for choosing to attend Elon. We are glad you are a member of our academic community and we look forward to your contributions. You are a citizen of a liberal arts and sciences university. Academic programs of study across every undergraduate major are constructed upon the enduring foundation of the arts and sciences. You will receive an education here that will prepare you to write, to think critically, to analyze, and to express yourself thoughtfully.

I urge you to make the most of your time at Elon by applying yourself seriously to your studies. Your first and highest purpose here is learning and reflection, developing intellectually, connecting knowledge and experience, and upholding the Elon honor codes. At Elon, we value the idea that you should be personally engaged in your academic studies. Through the Elon Experiences -- study abroad, internships, undergraduate research, leadership development, and volunteer service -- you will have extraordinary opportunities to connect your classroom and out-of-classroom learning.

Through your education here, we hope that you will gain a greater respect for human differences, a passion for a life of learning, a global perspective and a strong ethic of work and service. Elon faculty and staff are dedicated to knowing you personally and helping you to develop these qualities. We are confident that you will make connections here that will last throughout your life, and will always remain connected to Elon and committed to supporting its distinctive mission.


Leo M. Lambert


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