Leadership, briefly defined as guiding and working with others to accomplish a common objective, is a complex and multifaceted phenomenon with potential applications in every aspect of life. As students prepare to be engaged Global Citizens, it is important that they understand not only what leadership is but also how they begin to view themselves as leaders and recognize ways in which they can serve as such. Designed to satisfy the 300/400-level elective requirement for the Leadership Studies minor, this course requires that a student brings leadership directly into their major or minor field of study. While foundational courses in the minor explore the general theories of leadership and its related topics, this course will require students to apply these learnings to their specific academic fields of interest in a realtime basis. The course will be a seminar format where students will use a course that they are currently taking in their major or other minor as a focal point for applying leadership topics such as leader effectiveness, innovation, and organizational culture and change in the context of their academic fields of study. Simultaneous enrollment in any such 300 or 400 level major or minor course is permitted, and when taken in conjunction with this course with this course will count as 6 elective credit hours at the 300 or 400 level towards the Leadership Studies minor. Pre-requisite: PSY 368 or MGT 412. Co-requisite: Enrollment in a 4-credit hour, 300 or 400 level class in the student’s major, minor, or career-related program of study.


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