ITL 179 Intensive Italian for Gamers

This intensive course has been developed for students who self-identify as gamers, who are passionate about video games, play video games regularly and/or have a general interest in gaming as a teaching and learning medium (instead of just a form of entertainment). The goal of this class is to have students gradually build—through hard work and continuous engagement—speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills in Italian. Particular emphasis is on communicating in Italian and addressing various aspects of Italian culture. Video Games will be used as a learning device. Video games are multimedia, digital realia (cultural artifacts in another language) that can expose learners to the spoken and written language through engaging narratives within quest-oriented, problem-solving play mechanics. Other video game-related realia in Italian (websites, eMagazines, YouTube channels) will also be used to expand vocabulary and grammar. Counts as ITL 121 and ITL 122. No pre-requisites.


4 sh

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