The ability to negotiate successfully is fundamental to success in business – and in life. People negotiate on a daily basis; whether with children, coworkers, salespeople, employers or landlords, people rely on their negotiating skills to achieve desired outcomes. In this course, students will explore communication strategies that will allow them to effectively navigate difficult conversations and achieve their goals in a strategic and non-confrontational way. Students will gain an understanding of the theory, technique, art, and psychology of negotiations, and will develop new skills and a tactical approach to dispute resolution. Learning objectives include utilizing negotiations as a tool in sales and acquisitions. Focus will also be given to the art of using other-centered discussions to guide and manage team projects, to navigate disputes with colleagues and supervisors, and to deal with difficult personnel issues such making and receiving internal complaints, managing substandard performance, and handling formal reprimands. This course will build cumulatively from simple negotiation exercises to the more complex. Students will learn tactical skills and strategies for working one-on-one, in groups and at a distance where negotiations are executed in written exchanges. Simulations will cover a breadth of topics and situations, offer opportunities for individualized feedback and personal growth - ultimately leading students to an understanding of what processes best fit their personality and approach. This course fulfills an elective requirement in the following programs: (1) the Project Management Career Track of the Management major; (2) for catalog years after 2016, the Human Resource Management Career Track of the Management major; (3) the 300-level breadth requirement of the Entrepreneurship major; and (4) the Marketing minor in Professional Sales.


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