AAA 362 Africana Philosophy

There is a neglected yet brilliant philosophical lineage birthed in Africa and spread through the diaspora, one whose story will turn the whole discipline of philosophy inside-out. While most historians locate Athens as the birthplace of philosophy, this class considers the myriad ways that Africana Philosophy not only contributes to and expands that standard history but develops its own unique practice. The story of Africana Philosophy will transform humanity’s deepest, most fundamental, and powerful problems, such as: freedom and slavery, truth and value, love and hate, self and community, politics and ethics, race and gender, and so much more. From Frantz Fanon and Aimé Césaire to Saidaya Hartman and Angela Davis, we will engage historical and contemporary Africana thinkers in order to develop an appreciation of the stunning intellectual tradition originating in African continent and spreading throughout the globe. By the end, we will be able to enthusiastically and informatively respond to Anna Julia Cooper’s question: “Is there something within that dark skin not yet dreamt of in our philosophy?” Yes, yes – philosophy thrives in the Africana tradition!

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