Special/Optional Fees (No Refund After Second Week of Semester)

Applied music lessons:

Each one semester hour (credit or audit) for non-music majors is $462/credit hour

First special instruction class for music majors is $271/credit hour. The deadline for refunds for art material fees will be the second week of the semester. No refunds will be given for materials that have been opened or used in any portion.

Charges for other courses with special fees are listed in the catalog and/or the course schedule.


Miscellaneous Information

A student’s grade or graduate’s diploma and transcripts will be withheld until financial obligations to the university are settled. A student cannot register for further course work until financial obligations to the university are settled.

Federal law requires the university to automatically refund any credit balance from a student account that was created by Title IV financial aid. Title IV aid is Stafford, Perkins, and Plus loans as well as SEOG, Pell and Contract grants. Credit may remain on your account to be applied to the next semester charges if you indicate so in writing. However, this credit can only be held on the account during the academic year (loan period) in which the aid was awarded.

If you do not wish to keep a refund, please return the refund (or remit payment online) along with written consent to Bursar’s Office P.O. Box 398, Elon, N.C. 27244. Refunds cannot be applied back to your student account without this form signed and returned. For questions, please email bursar@elon.edu or call toll free 877-729-3566.

You may withdraw this authorization at any time. Upon such notice in writing, Elon will refund any excess back to you within 14 days. Refunds of Federal financial aid to the Department of Education in the case of reduced credit hours or withdrawal will be processed in accordance with regulations related to excess funds from the disbursement of federal Title IV grants and loans.

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