Management B.S.B.A

Chair: Senior Lecturer A. Allen

Professor: Valle

Associate Professors: Ajjan, Benson, Lyons, Manring, Nienhaus

Assistant Professors: Bao, Hayward, Mallon, Mercado, Mesgari, Singh

Lecturers: Bell, Courtwright, Green

Adjunct Instructors: M. Allen, Azar, Barilla, Burpitt, Hackworth, Ledford, Liu, Martin, McKinnie, Oakes, Schnell

The Management major develops students as visionary managers of people, processes and projects; as responsible organizational leaders; and effective agents of change in for-profit and not-for-profit enterprises, locally, nationally and internationally.

Management majors are required to choose one of the following Career Tracks: Business Analytics, Human Resource Management, or Project Management.

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