Student Withdrawal from the Law School


A student may withdraw voluntarily from the Law School before the start of his or her first examination in any term, provided formal written notice is given to the Registrar. Readmission following withdrawal is subject to the following conditions:

  1. There is no right to automatic readmission.
  2. A request for readmission will be considered on the basis of the admission standards prevailing at the time readmission is sought. The student must comply with any new admission requirements even if such requirements differ from those existing at the time he or she was originally admitted to the Law School. A request for readmission may be made by sending a letter to the Office of Admissions.
  3. If a student who has withdrawn is readmitted, law school credits earned five or more years prior to the date of reenrollment will not be recognized. All requirements for the J.D. must be completed within five years of initial enrollment.
  4. A first-year student who withdraws before completing all the requirements of the first trimester will, if he or she is subsequently granted readmission, be required to reenroll as a beginning first-year student.
  5. The exclusion, suspension, or withdrawal of a student while an allegation of violating the Honor Code is pending against that student before the Honor Council does not deprive the Council of jurisdiction. However, at its discretion the Council may suspend action until a student who withdrew or was dismissed requests readmission or, in the case of suspension of a student, until the suspension is lifted. Unless the Dean provides otherwise, no student who withdraws or is dismissed while any action on the complaint is pending before the Council will be eligible for consideration for readmission if the application for readmission is made more than one year after the effective date of the student’s withdrawal or exclusion. If application is timely made, the student normally will be eligible to be considered for readmission only after the complaint has proceeded to ultimate disposition through Honor Code procedures. If a student withdraws from the Law School while an accusation is pending and then applies to another law school, that law school will be notified that the student withdrew leaving a disciplinary matter unresolved, and a letter of good standing will not be issued on behalf of that student.

Medical Withdrawal

If a student has a documented medical condition that has impacted his/her ability to complete course work and will keep him/her from taking exams, the student should consult the Office of Career and Student Development for a medical leave of absence which will remove the student permanently (with grades of WD) from all classes. Students seeking a medical withdrawal must withdraw from all courses; they may not obtain a medical withdrawal from only selected courses. Students with medical withdrawals will not be permitted to complete courses. Medical withdrawals must be processed before the last day of classes.

Any student who is granted a Medical Withdrawal must provide medical documentation in order to apply for readmission.

Return of Law School Property

Upon withdrawal, the student must immediately return all of the following Law School property:

  1. Student locker key
  2. Phoenix Card
  3. Parking passes
  4. Any library materials in the student’s possession
  5. Any other property issued by the University to the student

Failure to return Law School property in good condition may result in repair or replacement charges to the departing student.

Return of Student Property

When a student departs the Law School, any student personal property must be removed from the Law School within thirty (30) days of discontinuing enrollment. After the expiration of the thirty (30) day time period, the property will be considered abandoned by the student and disposed of by the Law School.

Tuition Refund

No tuition or fee refunds are available for summer school or study abroad programs. With respect to upper-level students on the semester system, tuition and fees for fall and spring semesters are refunded as follows:

1st week pro rata charge 10%
2nd week pro rata charge 20%
3rd week pro rata charge 40%
4th week pro rata charge 60%
5th week through 6th week pro rata charge 75%
7th week No Refund

Students will receive refunds on a pro rata basis during the first eight weeks of the semester. Following is a table of pro rata charges: With respect to first-year students, tuition and fees for the August Term and fall, winter, and spring trimesters are refundable as follows:

1st week pro rata charge 10%
2nd week pro rata charge 20%
3rd week pro rata charge 40%
4th week pro rata charge 60%
5th week through 6th week pro rata charge 75%
7th week No Refund

If a student withdraws by the end of the first week of the August Term, the student will receive a full refund of the tuition paid for that term. There are no refunds beyond this date.

First-year students will receive refunds on a pro rata basis during the first six weeks of a trimester. Following is a table of pro rata charges: For any student (upper-level or first-year) to be eligible for a refund upon withdrawal, the student must meet with the Associate Director of Career and Student Development regarding his/her intentions. The student must also check out with the Financial Planning and Bursar’s Offices. The effective date of withdrawal is determined by the Law School and any applicable refund is calculated as of the date of withdrawal.

Unpaid charges owed by the student will be deducted from the calculated refund. The acceptance deposit is nonrefundable. Medical withdrawals will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

Transfer to Another Law School

A student who wishes to apply for transfer to another law school is required to submit a written notice of intent to the Office of Career and Student Development. A letter of good standing (if applicable) and an unofficial copy of a transferring student’s grades will be sent to the school into which the student seeks to transfer, pursuant to a request made by the student.

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