Solicitation, Fundraising, Merchandising

All fundraising events (including philanthropy events) must be registered. All fundraising activities must follow University policies and risk management guidelines. Student groups (including registered student organizations, University programs, classes, etc.) should consult with the Director of Campus Center Operations (Moseley Center Information Desk) before planning any fundraisers and register the event through PhoenixCONNECT


Students, including student groups, must refrain from actions that impair the university’s purpose or its reputation, including but not limited to the unauthorized and/or inappropriate use of the university’s name, logo or brand. This also includes entering into contracts or agreements without proper authorization as stated in the Contracts and Agreements section of this handbook. 


Students should be free from unnecessary distractions and be able to live and study in an environment that is predictable and orderly. Unauthorized soliciting, merchandizing or canvassing on campus is prohibited. If recognized student organizations wish to sell articles, conduct fundraisers for their philanthropies, or canvass for political or other reasons, they may do so only after their event is registered and approved through PhoenixCONNECT. No publicity concerning the fundraiser may be posted prior to receiving the written approval. During the registration process, the Assistant Vice President for Administrative Services will be consulted to assure any such solicitation is in compliance with existing vendor contracts as indicated in the Contracts and Agreements section of this handbook.  These activities may be allowed within the contractual guidelines, but for the orderly functioning of the university, must be coordinated and approved. 


When approved, it is often stipulated that fundraising activities be conducted in a manner such that students are not approached but, instead, students may choose to approach the solicitor, vendor or canvasser. No door-to-door solicitation or canvassing is allowed on the Elon University campus except as specified in the Student Government Association Election Guidelines. Students who are approached should ask solicitors, vendors or canvassers for proof of authorization and report unauthorized solicitors to Campus Safety and Police immediately.


Raffles and chance drawings are not permitted on campus. Student groups may offer door prizes for an event. Organizations that wish to solicit prizes and gifts (including monetary gifts and sponsorships) from companies must first submit an Event Registration form through PhoenixCONNECT.  (In certain circumstances, students may also be required, through the registration process, to obtain permission from the Office of Institutional Advancement.) The event may commence upon completion of the event registration process and approval.


The use of Elon University Internet or E-mail Resources for private business or commercial activities, fund-raising, merchandizing, solicitation or advertising on behalf of non-university organizations, or the reselling of Elon University Internet Resources to non-university individuals or organizations, and the unauthorized use of the university's name are prohibited. The Vice President for University Relations and the University's Web Policy Advisory Committee may specify rules and specific forums to allow limited use of university Internet resources by organizations for commercial exchange.


Students, including student groups will be held accountable to the Student Code of Conduct for any violations of these policies.

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